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April 21, 2013
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Extra: Is This My Fault?


You yawn as you finally wake from your nap, which exhaustion caused from the fight you and Connor had. You stretch and groan, remembering everything that had happened. It was a fight for no reason, just bad moods. But it was apparently enough to make Connor storm off. You stand and rub your eyes, feeling your hair is in a frizzed mess. Well this should be loads of fun, you grumpily think as you shuffle your way to the bathroom closest to your room.

You take the time to groom yourself before putting on the assassin robes Connor gave to you after all that training he put you through. It was indeed tough and sometime you wanted to murder the man, but it was all worth it. Wearing these robs made you proud. After you changed, you walked across the hall to Connor's room, only to see he wasn't there. You sighed and made your ways downstairs, going to the kitchen to find Achilles. You leaned in the large entryway and sighed, loud enough for the old man to turn around.

"Is something wrong (y/n)?" he asked, slowly making his way over to you. When you didn't respond that made him tap you on the head with his cane. "Hello in there." he called, you blinking and smirking.

"I guess everything is okay." you murmured, though Achilles hit your head again, harder this time, making you wince. "Okay, okay! I guess everything isn't... one-hundred percent okay." you mumble, crossing your arms.

"What's on your mind?" he asked and you stood up straight, shifting your weight. "C'mon, out with it." he gestured with his hand, you sighing again.

"Well there's a number of things! I feel awful for that fight with Connor. It was uncalled for on my part to blow up on him like that." you mumbled, feeling more guilt on your shoulders. "And how many hours has it been since I napped?" you asked Achilles, him pursing his lips in thought.

"A few I suppose." he replied, you rubbing your face. "What's this got to do with anything?" he asked, you sighing loudly and groaning.

"Now I'm worried."

"Connor stays out for days sometimes. It's nothing to worry about, (y/n)." he told you, hobbling back into the kitchen. You shake your head and clench your hands into fists.

"See you later Achilles!" you call as you sprint to the door. The old man rose his eyebrow as he heard the door fling open and slam shut, shaking his head.

"She'll bring the house down faster than age will." he grumbled. You felt bad for slamming the door, and would probably catch hell about it from Achilles later, but that didn't stop your feet from moving as quickly as they did. Not even the large amounts of snow would make you stop. You made your way down to the Aquila, it waiting there. Robert Faulkner was there, looking at his map on the small table outside the Aquila. Wait... if the ship was here, how did Connor get to Boston? You shook the thought from your head as you continued running, all the way up to the first mate.

"Mr. Faulkner!" you cried, waving your arms like a madwoman, him glancing up and chuckling.

"Yes girl? What can I do for you?" he asked, placing his hands on his hips. You made your way to him and placed your hands on your knees, panting and trying to catch your breath. How did Connor do this without stopping? It baffled you. Once you were able to speak, you stood straight.

"I have two questions for you." you say, the Robert raising his eyebrows. "One, where is Connor?" you asked, crossing your arms as Robert smiled.

"Well, to Boston of course! He looked mighty mad when we took him too. Something happen?" he asked, you waving your hand, dismissing the question.

"Long story. Two, why is the ship back? Shouldn't you be waiting for Connor?" you asked, worry now making its way into your system.

"The Captain told us to leave him there and he'd find his way back. It's very unlike him." Robert mumbled.

"And none of this worried you?" you snapped, Robert shrugging.

"Captain's orders ma'am." he simply replied, making you now infuriated.

"If you'd like to do me a favor, take me to Boston please." you said as calmly as possible, Robert nodding and calling all his men onto the ship. In about a half hour, you were ready to go.


As you left the ship, you told Robert, multiple times, to stay in port and wait for you, then you made your way through town. Every step you took was a mixture of fear, anger, and worry. Fear, for something could happen to Connor, anger, for him being an idiot and running off like this, worry, which was the same as fear. You scanned the crowds, looking for a flash of white, or a hood. Anything that would identify him to you. Wanting to scan a larger area in a shorter amount of time, you took to the roofs. After an hour of looking and avoiding guards, you were about ready to give up until you heard the sound of fighting.

Once again, you were off in a sprint, running along roof tops faster then you ever have, careful not to misstep with all the snow. Soon, the fighting was closer and soon, it was right below you. Blood splatter the snow and the assassin's white robes. He was fighting a mixture of Red Coats, thugs, and Patriots. It was so many on one, but that one was strong. You watched carefully, not wanting to do anything to distract him. That was until a soldier on the rooftop across from you lined up his rifle to fire upon Connor. You widened your eyes, too far to stop the man, too late to pull out your pistol and fire upon him. So you did the next thing that came to mind.

"Connor! Move!" you screamed. And rather than doing that, he looked up at you, surprised to see you here. Everything was silent when your eyes locked. His eyes curious, yours full of tears. You jumped in surprise when you heard the shot ring out and saw Connor fall to the ground. Everything stayed silent. Even when you angrily pulled your pistol out and shot the man before going down to Connor and finishing off the few he hadn't.

Now their blood stained your coat, same as the snow. You panted as you kneeled beside Connor, carefully rolling him over and placing his head on your lap. The bulled had pierced through his shoulder and you weren't sure how close it was or not to his heart. His hood had fallen off in the process, allowing his chocolate brown eyes to look up into your ____ eyes.

"I'm so sorry." you cried softly, your shaking hands running through his hair. You watched his breath in the cold air, trying not to let any tears fall. You placed one bloody hand on his cheek and shook angrily at your stupid mistakes.

"I-I... I am too." he replied, grabbing your hand with his good hand. You began crying now.

"This is all my fault." you said, stroking his hair continuously now. "Please forgive me." the male assassin barely gave a nod and that's when you started screaming for a doctor.

(To be continued..?)
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Well... this is more from my mind lol. Lots of sads in this. I kinda want to continue this, but I want it to be up to you guys! So tell me, continue, or no?

This was completely inspired by the Imagine Dragon's song My Fault

Hope you enjoyed this!


Writing (c) ~NerdsWhoLove
Connor Kenway (c) Ubisoft
You (c) Connor Kenway
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